First, a pawp quiz.  Who is Cool Gus?

a) One very chill, bacon-loving Labrador Retriever

b) The mascot/muse of a NYT best-selling author. (He works so Cool Gus can eat, so check out his site HERE)

c) An aspiring author in his own right.

d) All of the above.

The answer is d.  Cool Gus is something of a riddle, wrapped in an enigma. He resides with his human owners and his niece, Sassy Becca in an old house on a very scenic street.  He enjoys traveling from bed to bed during the day, logging nap hours and never worrying if he’ll get dinner or quality time with his favorite stuffed dog, Big Blue.

But Cool Gus is also a wise soul with a wry sense of humor.  If being cool is a state of mind, Cool Gus has set up housekeeping in that state and refuses to move anywhere else.  Even if that’s right under your feet.