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Gus is, well, just Cool. He’s a 10 year old English Yellow Lab.

He’s currently in mourning over the passing of his niece and best friend, Becca the Labrarian, but otherwise doing well. His humans are working on getting him a friend.

Cool Gus is working on his own book, a summary of his philosophy: The Tao of Cool Gus. It promises to be, well, who knows?

Gus is the muse for New York Times Bestselling writer, Bob Mayer. He writes so Gus may eat. He has over 75 books published in both fiction and nonfiction (writing, survival and Special Forces tactics). He also has free slideshows for download on a variety of topics including writing, survival, history, interesting stuff and as Gus says: stuff.

Cool Gus in 140 characters. Eh, make that Cool Gus and 139 other characters.  Know anyone else who gets treats for tweets? Follow Cool Gus