Cool Gus: An Author-Centric-Team Between Traditional and Indie PublishingCool Gus is looking to expand the team with writers who:

1. Are traditional authors who want to continue with their current publishing career but also desires the option to be hybrid; a desire for the freedom to write outside of a traditional publishing house but not having to outsource and learn the ins and outs of all aspects of indie-publishing.

2. Authors who have their rights to backlist and want to republish it.

If you are that author please contact us via email at bobandjen AT coolgus dot com.

There are two key players in publishing: the creator of the content (author) and the consumer of the content (reader). Traditionally, because of the consignment business model, publishers, between the two, have dominated both ends by controlling distribution. They determined what content would be produced, ie what authors would be published; and what content the reader could consume by what would be racked in stores.

That's becoming more and more out of date.

In today's marketplace, the traditional publisher has a diminishing ability to connect with the reader via distribution through print outlets. The digital platforms are open to all and discoverability is the key to success for traditional, indie, and hybrid authors. A savvy publisher's role needs to focus on the author: to facilitate the author reaching readers. Ultimately an author connects with the reader through content. However, the author, who is focused on content, does not have the time or expertise to learn all the tasks of being a publisher, especially in the evolving digital landscape, because an eBook is organic, not static like print. Additionally, the digital world is constantly evolving and a small, dynamic team is needed to stay relevant. Our job at Cool Gus is to help the author do exactly that: we do the heavy lifting of all aspects beyond the writing of the book, yet the author is in charge.

Thus, for a successful traditional author to go hybrid, the lure is tempting, but so is the uncertainty. Having worked with an agent and publisher for so many years, there are so many unknowns. One size does not fit all. An Author-Centric Team (ACT) fills that gap. ACT provides one point of contact to take care of all aspects of 'indie' publishing. The author has final say over all aspects of the process from content, to cover, to copy, to pub date—everything. At Cool Gus, the author has access to over 30 years of experience in both traditional and indie publishing, so we understand both sides quite well and know how to negotiate the path in between.

Cool Gus Publishing been working with multiple NY Times bestselling authors to help expand their readership and have the best of the traditional world as well as the indie, while allowing the author to focus on the most important part of their career: the writing. The key to an Author-Centric-Team is that we adjust all aspects of what we do to each author on a case-by-case basis. Every author is in a unique position and has different requirements. While we are looking to expand out team, our goal is to keep the team relatively small, thus we have time to give each author our complete attention.Key aspects to the Cool Gus Author Centric Team:

* Author determines content. This is especially important for authors who want to try something new, outside of what they've been 'branded' with. Or supplement their brand with new material. * Speed: Where traditional publishing works in months and years, we work in days and weeks.

* We advise, but author has final say on: Cover, description, pricing, pub date, promotion specials; essentially all aspects, even whether to use a pen name and how to leverage that.

* We complement an author's traditional publishing, not compete with it. We have encourage authors to take additional traditional publishing deals when it's to their advantage; and even had one take an Amazon Publishing Deal for a title we'd published (it is fair to point out that he subsequently wished he'd kept the book with us, as it sold more, for higher royalty with Cool Gus) and have just recently helped an author with expanding POD distribution.

* Only rights the author want to relinquish are used.

* No 'non-compete' because we place an author's career and revenue stream as the priority. In fact, we want authors to 'compete'! Ultimately, what's good for the author is good for everyone.

* A top notch story editor who has worked with numerous NYT bestselling authors, including a #1 bestseller where their first project together was nominated for both an Agatha and an Edgar.

* Personal attention; we work with a very limited # of authors.

* A single point of contact for all aspects. * We also try new concepts for reaching readers, like our current partnership with Poshmark.

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