Valhalla Atlantis

“They set out that day to sail for Vinland. Tromdur Svensson planned to be away for just three years. How the gods were laughing at him, at all of them, on that day.”—from The Saga of Harold Half-Face

1000 AD.

When the North Men from Ingolfsfell sail from their icy fjord in a single longboat, to establish a settlement across the great sea, they thought they would be gone for just three years. They had no name for the Atlantic then; and America they called ‘Vinland’, the place of meadows.

But a storm takes them off course to an island even the legendary Leif Erikson had never seen. These natives are not savages in skins; and they do not build their homes from hides.

They live instead in a great city, in the shadow of a looming volcano. And they do not hunt animals; they hunt men with white hair and blue eyes.

Their gods come from the skies, and the Apocalypse is ... now.

“There is a river that gives us life. You may dam it; you may swim against it. But in the end, it will flow to the sea, with or without you.”

—from The Book of the Stars, a manuscript of unknown origin, written in Mayan glyphs circa 1000 AD and found in a Viking burial mound in Greenland, 2001

Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer is an internationally best-selling author. Born in London, he was a freelance journalist and advertising copywriter for many years. But writing novels was his passion and led him to write his first book, Venom, based on his own experiences in South East Asia. He has now published over 50 books that have been translated into 23 languages. He travels widely for research; it has led him to chasing tornadoes in Texas, diving with sharks in South Africa and running with the bulls in Spain.

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